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Deborah – Debby – Spaltmann held a successful career as a senior marketing and communications professional before becoming a leadership and executive coach.  After a few turbulent years in an industry that was shaken by mergers & acquisitions, restructurings & downsizings, she departed the corporate world to start her own business.
She is a multiple entrepreneur: starting off with a Public Relations and Marketing Communications Business, to – most recently – as the founder of “I4I” (Influence4impact.com), an online community that started out with 84 coaches from the start.
Overall, Debby has many years of experience in management, communications, public relations, sales training, and marketing. She has supported executives and worked in the industries of IT, Medical Technology, Telecoms, and not-for-profit NGOs. As of 2015, she is an active coach, as well as serving as an instructor and manager in the personal development market.

If you are looking for a coach that has experience working within corporations that have a global workforce and thus, multicultural management, dispersed teams, culturally diverse customers and stakeholders, then we should have a chat! Debby learned hands-on about the complex operations and the challenges global leaders face when working in an international environment and you can expect of her to come up to speed quite quickly.
In the 50+ different countries to which her work has taken her, Debby has learned a lot; about how the people and cultures make for a successfully running business; especially recognizing that the sum of the parts is where the hidden magic for all success lies.

Debby has spoken at universities and businesses from Las Vegas to New Delhi,  from Munich to Berlin.

Her experience as working as an Executive Coach and in leadership development is strongly focused on helping organizational leaders develop their collaboration skills – through communication and leadership-coaching skills;  those skills that contemporary businesses in the 21st century are striving to implement.

In her personal life, Debby loves spending time in nature with her husband and pets. She can be found on the weekends hiking the mountains and hills around her neighborhood in the southern Bavaria Alps.

Short CV

Entrepreneurial marketing agency: doing everything from designing advertisements, writing copy, sending out the invoices and checking the bank statements … to cooking the coffee.

Operations Manager for US car rental company that was building up their business in Germany in a partnership (setting up local businesses and growing the market share was the objective here).

Customer Service Manager for Pan-European Electrical Engineering company that was pioneering design, fab and production in silicon structures.

Executive Assistant, Market Researcher, Sales Trainer and Executive Communications Director … marks the experience acquired over the course of 11 years for an international computer hardware corporation that quickly rose to being the #1 supplier worldwide.

Entrepreneur serving as a marketing and communications service provider for smart and saavy tech start-ups.

Internal communications leader for a multi-national global telecoms organization that was going through a difficult phase of a merger and acquisition with the ensuing restructuring.

Managing Director of an academy teaching personal development skills to up-and-coming coaches, hypnotherapists and counsellors.


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  • Information packed practical training.
  • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session.
  • Practical assignments at the practical training.









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