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Christmas with Gratitude

source: Kira auf der Heide Unsplash

Telling someone they are appreciated is one of the simplest things you can do – and being told you are appreciated is one of the most uplifting things that someone can do for you.

This Christmas, I want to invite you to make an extra effort to express your gratitude to those people who matter to you. There really is enough to be grateful for, because the seemingly little things matter more than we often notice.

  • Someone showed you some grace for showing up late – again – to a date? Be grateful (and you may even learn how to be on time in the future);
  • Someone in your life had a bad turn of fate, but they didn’t complain about it to you because they knew you were struggling yourself? You can be grateful for their consideration of your situation…
  • Someone stopped by to check on you because they hadn’t heard from you for a while? Aren’t we all grateful for the friend that can sense we’re in a funk and need some cheering up …

I had the opportunity to practice gratitude under not-so-good-circumstances this fall, and I can tell you from  this experience, it changed my life! I want you to know that you can master anything that life throws at you, if you can find something to be grateful for.

Thank-you for being here and for visiting my page. 

… and …. I hope Santa reads your wish-list letter first!



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