I accompany and support people!

Coaching - the basics

Reasons Why To Come To Professional Coaching

Figure out your values and align your life to them.
What do you want more of in your life? What would you like to have less of in your life?
Discover the self-confidence to perform to the utmost of your abilities.
To reach your true potential instead of having that nagging feeling that you are wasting your talents.
Let go of the past and get unstuck!
Stop listening to the stories in your head and get a change of perspective.
Practice Self-Compassion
Explore your purpose as you reflect, reset, and re-energize. Believing in yourself is the first step to finding balance.

STEPS To Success

Coaching is a process.


There are a lot of ways to work with me and my colleagues. It is your choice!

Discovery Phone Conversation

In a discovery phone conversation, the coach will ask you questions and be very curious about what's going on for you. You need to expect that you will do most of the talking, and you should be ready to share what brings you to coaching.

Book a Discovery Session (Calendly)


Get an idea of what coaching can do for you by reading the articles and blog posts here on this site. When you've found something that seems to fit (you think: "Wow! That's me!") then consider booking a discovery session to go more indepth.



Want to meet "In Real Life" (and not through the phone or screen)? Schedule your personal IRL meeting with me by booking a phone session and we'll get you set-up.

Book a Phone Session


Using Zoom, Skype or MS Teams, you will meet with your coach for the coaching session. Going forward, you and the coach will have agreed on a coaching objective, and the sessions will begin with your coach asking you meaningful questions and checking in with you to see how you are progressing. All questions are designed to help you identify what you really want - be that in your career, your relationship, or even in your life as a whole. In the actual coaching sessions, your coach will work with you to discover what beliefs or habits may be holding you back, help you to set goals and support you as you strive to reach them.

Book a Coaching Session (Calendly)


Various online resources are available for review and purchase. i.e. Courses, eBooks and more! Have a look at the pages of this site and if you have any questions, just schedule a phone call so that we can go over those.


Take the first step and get in touch!

You can't move forward without taking the first step. Let's make it easy for you: here are my contact details.

Programe Offerings

We offer individual coaching as well as specific programs. Please get in touch for more options and details!

Silver package

$€ 325/hr

  • Personal Coaching Inventore veritatis
  • Booked by the hour Veritatis et quasi

Vip package

$€/day /week /monthly packages

  • Executive coaching Inventore veritatis
  • Stakeholder Centered Coaching Veritatis et quasi
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