After posting the article from a German magazine on the question of “does gratitude really work” (and they came to the conclusion: yes! it does contribute to success!), on my Facebook Group page,  I got inspired to share with you how I keep track of what I am grateful for… and to testify that yes, expressing gratitude and becoming aware of what I am grateful for, does work for me!

I keep a journal. Simply because I can go back and read what was going on in my life at a certain time, what was bothering me, where I was making progress and how I felt that I felt. That in itself is something I am grateful for. If I didn’t have the journal to check back in with, I probably would not remember all the good things that happened to me… and I probably would not remember – or relate the cause and effect of results in my life – for some of the things I did.

There are plenty of options available to choose, on how to keep track of what you are grateful for. Just Google it  – I got over 5 and 1/2 million links. Find what fits best for you and your style. Like I said, I keep a journal, because that works best for me.
So – in case you were wondering (hah! hah!) what I write in there, then let me share my structure with you.
Now I don’t always answer all the questions, and sometimes the answer from one question is actually the same answer to another question.
Feel free to copy this practice for yourself if you like. After a while, it gets to be second nature and you don’t think about “how to do it” anymore.
I find for me, at least, that having a standard format makes it easier for me to not go off on a rant or beat myself up over things.
Debby’s Journal
Day, Date
– “this <event/conversation/experience> was magical today. Totally surprising (as in serendipitous), beautiful, magical! “
– “this <event/conversation/experience> was my absolute best “grateful for it” moment today.
– “this happened today that I need to reflect on / think about / ponder over some more”.. I know this, but I need to write it down to make it happen.
– “this is the lesson I learned today” Where do I stand in the “big picture” right now, in light of my goals.
– What is working for me (overall, learnings I have implemented and taken from past experiences. The “Good” part of “Good or Grow”?
– What still needs work- (where can I grow? (This is the “Grow” part of “Good or Grow”)?
– Where/which areas would I be better off, if I did more of this?
– Where/which areas would do me better if I did less of this?
Today’s overall rating
On a scale of -10 to +10, give this day a rating on the “Ego vs. Spirit” scale. After giving it a number, I write down next to the number what it was that made me want to take this number. If I am feeling very amibitious, I even put down what I think I could do to change that number to the next one or two higher levels. 
Ego = -10 (minus 10).
Those (exceptional) days when life seems to be a struggle, energy is not flowing at all through me, I really just feel hopeless and lost.
Ratings between -10 and 0;
Generally downcast, not feeling good about myself, judging myself (and probably others) …
Neutral = 0 (zero)
Those days when I am using my free will, I am living with intention / with intent.
Ratings between 0 and +10
Those days when I am living with intent, feeling pleasant recognition and tuning into my inner power. I am not tuning into my ego-based self-talk.
Spirit = +10 (plus 10).
Those exceptional days when I sincerely feel complete reverence for unity and spirit. Nothing in my life that my ego wants to accomplish.
Today’s overall value:
Give this day a value – in one or two words
(i.e. “patience”, “growth”, “clarity”, “daring”, etc.etc.)
How do you personally exercise gratitude? Do you do this daily, hourly, weekly, or … never?
Do you keep a journal? If so, would you care to share what your process is, if you have one?