Today, I’d like to talk about compassion, forgiveness and mercifulness.
It isn’t good for you, to judge other people for their actions, you are only weighing yourself down when you judge and blame, and you will be inhibiting another’s progress when you hold onto resentment and strife.
When we forgive, we release ourselves from entanglements and old beliefs, and we are open to give up old behaviors.
Giving up such old behaviors also puts us in a place to be able to develop healthy relationships.
Forgiveness is a sign of your strength, not proof of your weakness.
Forgiveness does not mean we are allowing someone else to abuse or offend us, as we are not giving up our right to set clear boundaries when we forgive. When we forgive, we are also freeing ourselves up to release any relationships that are harmful for us. The process of forgiveness is an important element to being able to open ourselves up, and to allow for more positive experiences to enter into our lives.
Forgive and be compassionate, as the gain is higher than any perceived loss you may be holding to at that moment.
When forgiveness and a show of compassion is how you show up in the world, you will begin to notice that others are more compassionate towards you, and you will attract relationships with others that are also built upon consideration and honesty. Forgiving and showing compassion is for yourself: a way you can gain more clarity and peace of mind.