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Workshop for Coaches: Active Listening Training


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By: Deborah Spaltmann

During this live online training, Debby leads a training with five other professional coaches on the topic of active listening. In this training they practice understanding how to use active listening in a coaching session, picking up on the three time dimensions (past, present, future) that a coach can utilize to feed back to their clients what they are hearing.


Active listening is a key intervention in coaching, and to become a master of active listening is similar to having reached the pinnacle – or Olympic qualifications – in coaching. Every technique around active listening comes from one distinct characteristic: that of being interested in the other person. This search for understanding is what builds trust between the coach and the client, and what ultimately helps the client be (more) open to pro-actively look for solutions. A technique most often used to demonstrate that you have been actively listening to your client, a demonstration of a proficient active listener in a coaching situation, is rephrasing. Active listening is generally soothing for your clients and what it also does, is show them that you value them. Because people want to be heard, to be seen, to be listened to. And like everything else, the more you practice the skill of active listening, the stronger this skill becomes. In this training, we practice active listening in a special context – we listen for the time dimension that someone is inadvertently telling us in their words. We will be activating all three time dimensions in this active listening practice: the past, the present, and the future.
This online workshop was held as part of the Influence-4-Impact workshop series.