Change and transformation

Coaching with me is more than a collection of techniques and skills, it is about how we are going to transform and empower you to change your life for the better - be that on a personal level or for you as a professional. You cannot change one part of your life without that change having an impact on other parts. We will stay on message - focusing on what you are striving for. We will work with structured processes and you will know exactly what you need to do to move yourself forward towards your desired outcome.
Should we decide to work together, you will be able to reach the lifestyle that you envision for yourself. I'm choosy about who I work with, and if I choose to work with you, then I believe in you and trust that you can reach those goals - and I will do everything in my power to support you during this change and transformation.

Personal & Executive Coach

    Why Coaching?

    An executive coach can be called in when a remedy to something is in order. Be that to deal with a specific problem, a damaged image or even a distressed leader or senior employee. Research shows that there is a strong correlation between the companies that develop their people and how financially strong they are.

    Life coaching is about developing the person, to help a person achieve a dream, reach a goal, or even to groom them for larger assignments.

    Personal coaching is about designing your life and finding the resources that are inherent in you, so you can go on to live that life.


    Overcome roadblocks


    Set and accomplish goals


    Get priorities in order


    Live a fulfilling life

    New Events

    30 Nov, 2022
    10:00 - 11:30 Online Zoom
    As a service provider, you are selling your expertise – as a consultant, subject-matter expert, or coach....

    Online Courses

    The Online Course Library is constantly being updated. Be sure to check back in regularly to see the latest!

    Deborah is highly professional and focused on best practices and successful outcomes for the business mission and vision. I enjoy working with Deborah as a professional and a friend.
    _Lawrence Lesiak,Quality Specialist, Business Coach, Insurance Broker
    Man Avatar
    Debby is an excellent presenter is very knowledgeable of the subject matter, is an excellent listener, and kept our attention throughout. Andrew N.
    _Andrew,Workshop Attendee
    Especially loved the exercise with the car, element of nature and animal to help identify your brand & values – found it so helpful. Like to share my discoveries: Car – Mercedes – grace, style, comfort, reliability, elegance, luxury, style,
    _Esther Apoussidis,Abundance Coach & Workshop Attendee
    Jean Marie Bottequin
    Bei Lösungen und Unterstützung gilt: Gut ist nicht gut genug. Auf der Suche nach einen „Train the Trainer“, lernte ich sie in ein gemeinsames internationales Netzwerk kennen. Ich hatte vor  vielen Jahren keine Ahnung, was für ein belesenes Wissen und
    _Jean-Marie Bottequin,Profiler, Lebens-Concept Coach
    Man Avatar
    At the base of any good initiative is having a great attitude and a great human being….. This is what Debby is!
    _Dhrubo Chakravorty,
    Debby is an incredibly skilled coach! Even more important, she’s an incredibly warm, kind & loving human! After every session with her, I am completely empowered & ready to move forward. Would definitely recommend everyone to work with her!
    _Nina Kaufmann,Nutrition Coach & Workshop Attendee
    Debby has proved to be valuable in helping me seek clarity, she is a great listener and is a skilled coach.
    _Gary J. Stearman,Business Owner

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    Have yourself a very merry Christmas!
    Christmas with Gratitude
    Get Unstuck
    Get Unstuck
    re you stuck? Feel like you’re in a rut and not moving? Are you not reaching the goals you...

    Video Courses

    The video course library is constantly being updated. Be sure to check back in regularly to see what is new!

    Counseling Packages

    The programs offered on the pages here are generally referring to the standardized sessions that I conduct in a group setting.
    For individual 1-on-1 meetings, private and personal coaching sessions, there are other options available.
    If you would like to have a personal meeting, please drop me a message using the contact link above.
    I'll get back to you no later than within 24 hours.

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