Feelings and emotional states are always perceptible in the body. If you are unsure what you feel, pay attention to your body. Can you localize where, in which part of your body, that you “feel” the emotion? Feelings begin with our thoughts.When we think that a need is not being met, a negative feeling arises. Positive feelings, on the other hand, come to light when we feel a need is met. Yet often we make assumptions about someone else’s intentions, which leads to our thinking something that may not be intended, it rests upon a misperception, and as a result in a feeling that arisesRead More →

We all set examples, not only in how we act and respond to others, but in how we live our lives. That means, not only in what we speak and do, but also how we show the world that we treat ourselves. For me, that is a good thing – because it means we are alive, breathing, taking up space, showing up and just “being”. We can and do influence others with “just” our presence. Are you aware of how you show up? How much thought do you give to the example you are setting for others? How powerful do you think you are? How powerfulRead More →

… for one of those days when you feel like today is the day you are stuck pushing the bicycle uphill… Let’s talk about feeling displaced today… that feeling of not belonging, or of not fitting in, or of just not “being you” at your best … because you know what? This feeling can show up at any time – it happens to everybody. Really. It’s those moments when we feel like we’re “in the wrong place, I shouldn’t be here” or we just “did something stupid – everybody is going to notice my mistake” or even the hard core version: “nobody values me /Read More →

Disagreements happen. It would be a totally boring world if everyone agreed on everything – then no growth would happen, no progress in science, or anywhere – actually. In my opinion, it isn’t always important to “be understood” – rather I put more weight on “seeking to understand”. Yet that only gets a person so far. If your goal is make progress, maybe even to shake up the status quo, then there will always be someone who doesn’t want the status quo changed, or their belief of what is true/good/right challenged. And they will disagree with you. It is, after all, the easy the wayRead More →

A waterline is the line upon which a ship’s hull is either under water – or above water. Now imagine someone would drill a hole into the hull of this ship. If you drill a hole in the hull of this ship above the waterline, it won’t sink. If you drill one below the waterline – well, get into your life jackets and into the life boats, folks!When you are working in a team, or just working together with others, things can get complicated. There are goals that each of the various individuals may deem to be more important than others, or things they valueRead More →

Look at the time right now, please. Done? Write it down and what you’re doing (uhhh – you’re in Facebook!  LOL!) Now I bet I can tell you what you’ll be doing 5 minutes from now…Exactly the same thing. A lot of the time, it isn’t our self-esteem, or self-confidence, or overflowing to-do list that keeps us from doing what we think we should be – or could be – doing, it is …. <drumroll please> …. Inertia. We simply just keep doing what we have been doing, because that is the easiest thing to do. Ponder over that for a moment. What time is it now?Read More →

Isabelle Mercier said, “What you tolerate, you worry about.”40% of what we worry about, will never happen30% of what we worry about, has already happened12% of what we worry about, are needless worries10% of what we worry about, are petty and miscellaneousonly 8% of what we worry about, are really worth worrying about.Read More →

It’s a brand new year and I was wondering how you are coming along with those New Year resolutions – if you made any, that is 😉 . A study was done amongst Fortune 100 company employees that included 250,000 people that had undergone coaching, to find out how many of these had really achieved their aspired change after their coaching had ended (and they had been coached by extremely proficient leadership / business coaches). The result was unequivocal: very few people achieve positive, lasting change without ongoing follow-up. Unless they knew that they were going to be measured on what they promised they would do –Read More →

The American Society for Training and Development conducted research on the probability of a person actually acting on, and completing something they want to do (so this is about making an idea you have into reality). This is what they came up with: 1. If you hear an idea = 10% chance that you will act on it 2. If you consciously decide to adopt an idea = 25% chance you will act on it 3. If you decide when to act on the idea = 40% chance that you will act on it 4. If you design a plan to act on the ideaRead More →

Are you feeling challenged in a relationship? You feel like “it” isn’t working for you, or you wonder what’s going on with someone because you can’t seem to “reach” them? In those times when you are expecting something of (or from) someone else, and it isn’t coming, then we ourselves can feel displaced, misunderstood, maybe even wrongly judged. Here is a way you can help yourself out, by remembering it all starts with “me”. I know, this sounds like a Facebook meme (and it is one, I’ve seen it pop up often enough myself) nevertheless, it really is the key to unlock those moments ofRead More →